Laser Hair Removal

Questions About Laser Hair Removal?

The Light Sheer Diode Laser

Laser Hair RemovalThe use of laser for hair removal has been studied for many years.

The diode laser works by delivering energy to the hair shaft which serves as a heat sink.It is this heat that damages the hair follicle. Sufficient damage is required to produce permanent hair reduction.

The diode laser produces complete but temporary hair loss followed by a partial but long term hair reduction.

Temporary hair loss ocurs in all patients.This lasts from one to three months after treatment.

With this laser 100% of patients experienced temporary hair loss while 89% of patients had long-term hair loss at one year follow-up.

Regrowing hairs are lighter and thinner than before treatment.

There is an additive effect seen with multiple treatments. Second and third treatments are given when hair begins to grow. For the face, armpit, arms and bikini areas it is usually after one to two months. For the back and legs it is usually after two or three months.

Most people initially need three treatments spaced a month apart. A once a year touch-up is usually required to maintain the reduction in hairs.

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