Questions About Juvederm?

JuvedermWhat your dermatologists want you to know

Juvederm is the revolutionary new dermal filler which can take back the effects of aging on your face and restore your youthful appearance. It is a common dermatological dermal filler that can diminish early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. 

The normal aging process produces dramatic changes in your body and your skin. As the years go by, your skin loses elasticity and vital moisture, causing your skin to lose youthful volume and start to sag. Your day-to-day expressions like smiling and laughing can result in wrinkles and lines. Fortunately, Juvederm can help diminish the first signs of aging.

When you choose Juvederm, you will look and feel younger. You will notice smoother skin, restoration of volume, and a more youthful look to your face. Juvederm is a great choice for diminishing the look of:

  • Laugh and smile lines around your mouth and nose
  • Crow’s feet around the corners of your eyes
  • Lines between your eyebrows, known as glabella
  • Lines in your forehead, known as furrows

Your dermatologists treat you with Juvederm by injecting small amounts of the dermal filler material into lines and wrinkles on your skin. A tiny needle is used, which makes the treatment easy to tolerate. You can also request numbing cream or spray before treatment if you wish.

Your treatment cost and the number of injections you will need varies based upon your individual needs and characteristics. Results are usually immediate and can last up to a year. Your dermatologists may suggest maintenance treatments to optimize your results.

Juvederm is the innovative dermal filler to give you the youthful look you want, comfortably, quickly and inexpensively. Make Juvederm a part of your anti-aging arsenal by calling your dermatologists. Call today for more information on how you can look years younger with Juvederm.

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